Men’s violence against women is increasing in Östergötland

– It’s a social problem that we have to take seriously, says Katarina Strömfelt, director of operations for the women’s shelter Ellinor.

Orange Day

November 25th is “Orange Day” – the international day for the abolition of violence against women, which was established by the UN General Assembly in 1999. Then the whole world is invited to pay attention and demonstrate against violence against women.
In Linköping, a demonstration is held on Stora Torget where, among other things, candles are lit to take a stand for non-violent relations.

More notifications

In Östergötland, reports of abuse against women and girls are increasing, statistics from the Crime Victims Prevention Council show.

– We see that violence is decreasing in age, more young girls contact us, says Katarina Strömfelt and continues:

– We work to strengthen the girls. Many come here but few dare to report to the police and that is a problem in itself.

The demonstration on Stora torget takes place at 5-6 pm and is organized by Tjejjouren Beata and Kvinnojouren Ellinor.

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