& quot; Mental stress & quot ;: Viva introduces rest days for staff


Christoph Wellinger from Restaurant Viva in Bregenz is now introducing a day of rest again during the high-turnover summer months. The reason: his staff has to deal with angry guests who do not understand that the 3G rules must be adhered to in Austria.

Gastronomer Christoph Wellinger is currently attracting a lot of attention on social media with an emotional posting. His restaurant Viva in Bregenz introduces a day of rest for the first time in 26 years, as angry guests threaten his staff and do not want to adhere to the 3-G rule. To give his staff a breather, the restaurant will be closed on Monday from now on.

Threatened with ads and bad reviews

Gastronomy Christoph Wellinger writes on social media:

“Why we have closed Mondays for the first time in August: Fortunately for more than 26 years we have been able to look forward to a really large number of customers every day and are used to working for our dear guests at the highest level for hours. But what we are currently experiencing, is the most difficult time since the Viva existed. On the one hand, the control of the ‘3-G rule’ alone is a huge challenge with many hundreds of guests. We take it seriously and control very carefully what we hear over and over again unfortunately not standard everywhere. But out of a sense of responsibility towards all guests and employees, we just have to do it. But if there are disagreements with up to 50 people per evening, the mental burden is simply too great for our employees that could hold out mentally in the long run: People come without a test, have forgotten the test or vaccination certificate, cannot find or have them on their smartphones no more battery. They come with expired tests or evidence, with vaccinations before the 22 days are up. They come with a fake test or without any evidence. Usually an attempt is then made to discuss. All of this takes time, keeps us from our actual work and increases the stress level immensely. Part of it works because then they go where they are not so closely controlled. Some of them do the self-test that we usually offer in this case, whereby some are annoyed again if it takes them too long before we have time to do it (max. 2-3 minutes). Worst of all, however, are those who then abuse us, yell around, accuse us of discrimination and threaten us with ads and bad reviews. That is why, for the first time in 26 years, we have a day of rest (Monday) in August to give our employees some distance and more relaxation from this absurd situation, and we hope to survive the summer halfway unscathed. Tuesday to Sunday we are of course looking forward to your visit as usual. “

Guests try to come into the restaurant without proof

Guests from neighboring countries in particular often do not see the measures and then threaten with advertisements or bad reviews. In addition, guests would always try to come to his restaurant without a 3G certificate.

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