Merchant and ex-candidate for mayor shot from a motorcycle

Wednesday, August 03, 2022 | 5:00 a.m.

Yesterday, seven rumblings shook the morning tranquility of the 1 de Mayo neighborhood of Villa Bonita, municipality of Campo Ramón, due to the actions of two assassins who tried to assassinate businessman and political figure Leonardo César Faviero (38) on a motorcycle.

The victim miraculously saved his life and only suffered scratches from a bullet that grazed his ear, part of his face and nose, but he did not even have to be hospitalized.

The event, unprecedented in the downtown area, occurred around 8:20 am and half a block from Faviero’s home, who was on his way to his farm.

At the close of this edition there were still no suspects behind bars, while personnel from different dependencies of the Regional Police Unit II worked to try to find the perpetrators of the attempted murder.

The victim had to be assisted by a bullet scratch in the right ear.

In dialogue with El Territorio, the victim assured that he has no debts or enemies for business reasons, so he did not rule out any political connotation.

Likewise, without giving details that could hinder the investigation of the case, he mentioned that “there are a couple of hypotheses and the Government authorities and the Police are doing everything possible to find the culprits. According to the judge and the Minister of Government, the investigation is on the right track and they asked me to have a little patience.

Regarding the attack, he specified that he was driving his Ford F 100 truck when he heard the noise that fully impacted his vehicle.

“They came from behind on a motorcycle shooting and in that I felt like a wind in my ear, and it was a bullet that scratched my ear. They came to kill me and the truth is that it is a miracle to be alive and to tell about it, ”she reflected.

“The polarized saved me”

In addition to his commercial ventures, a wholesale business and a farm, Faviero also participates in politics and in 2019 he was a candidate for mayor of Campo Ramón for a sub-lemma of the Concordia Renovating Front, which is why the attack the day before had a huge impact on the province and country.

After a very hectic day, late in the afternoon the victim agreed to chat with this morning and gave details of the event.

He said that around 7:30, as he does every day, he went to the warehouse of his business, located near his home.

“Later, at about 8:20, I prepared a mate and went to the farm because we are harvesting the yerba. I passed by my house and about 50 meters away I began to hear some noises, which turned out to be shots coming from behind. I couldn’t do much because they came on a motorcycle at full throttle”, he explained.

Impacts on the bonnet of the Ford F 100. Photo: NG

The first two hits hit the rear windshield of the F 100. Then the bike pulled up and the passenger fired right into the middle of the driver’s window.

In this sense, Faviero was forceful and opined that “the tinted glass saved my life, because if it was a capable common glass it didn’t count”.

The shooter continued to fire and two shots hit the hood. It was then that the businessman stopped the van, just as the motorcycle driver did, several meters ahead. Within seconds several neighbors came out of their houses to see what was happening.

“The one on the motorcycle stopped at the corner and they stared at me. I thought that they were going to come that way to finish the job, but they went in the direction of Paraje Arroyo Tigre. Maybe they left because of the neighbors who went out into the street, ”he mentioned.


Already at the scene, personnel from the Criminalistics Division found two shell casings compatible with 9-millimeter bullets. Meanwhile, investigation agents interviewed the victim and neighbors and analyzed the security cameras in the area.

The first investigations revealed that the assassins were traveling on a black cross-type motorcycle; his driver and passenger were thin, wearing dark clothes and helmets.

“From what I talked to the people from the Police, those who did this are professionals. They marked me that the shot in the window on my side was to the head, but the tinted one saved me. They came to execute me, there is no doubt about that,” he remarked.

Asked if he has any suspicions, he was cautious in not providing information that would harm the ongoing investigation, although between the lines he did provide some information.

“I come from a family of simple people, but since I entered politics I have been beaten quite a bit. Actually I have no problems with anyone, I have no debts. I would really love to know where this came from,” she remarked.

He added: “This is something that cannot be tolerated in our community. It’s atypical, these things don’t happen here. Over there one sees something like that in a movie or on the news. For the good of all, it should be known who did this.”

Faviero also recalled that a little over two years ago he filed a criminal complaint for death threats that a former councilor from his municipality would have given him, the same one who was later charged and arrested on suspicion of setting fire to two houses in the Campo Ramón Teaching neighborhood. Finally, the mayor was removed from office by his peers and months later he was released.

Permanent police custody for the victim

The day before, Leonardo César Faviero stressed that from the beginning the government authorities and the Police were committed to the case and provided the necessary security guarantees for his family.

“The truth is that I am shocked because it was a few meters from my house, it means that they know where I live,” he said.

In this regard, permanent custody was ordered in front of his home, while the Ministry of the Government had offered to place his family in a safe location, at least until the material and intellectual authors of the act were found.

“I cannot give details, but the minister proposed something to me so that my family is safe. We will evaluate and decide in the next few hours. This shook us all. It is something that one never expects, ”he reflected.

Meanwhile, the neighbors were concerned and fearful, since the actions of the assassins could lead to a true tragedy due to the number of bullets they fired.

For his part, the mayor of Campo Ramón, José Márquez Da Silva, expressed his solidarity with Faviero and his family and stressed the need to “find and punish those guilty of such a serious act.”

The case for attempted murder is being processed before the Investigating Court Two of Oberá.

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