Messaging service Slack: video calls and automatic workflows

With a function update for the instant messaging service Slack, the software provider wants to close Salesfore to Microsoft Teams and Zoom. For the first time, Slack supports video communication. Plus, Slack Canvas promises a new way to capture, organize, and share ideas with collaborators. This should help to communicate from the home office or even worldwide.

So-called huddles, quickly set up meetings, are primarily intended to simulate random conversations in the hallway that do not take place in the home office. According to Slack, a huddle lasts about ten minutes on average. The typical process: Instead of planning a thirty-minute meeting, you wait for the contact you are looking for to show up as available via a green status light and call through briefly.

Previously, Slack only supported audio. Huddles now also allow video communication as well as dual screen sharing. Two lawyers can compare documents or programmers can code together. Reactions in the form of emojis are also possible. The app now organizes text chats in the form of threads in which you can reply to previous messages.

Huddles now support emoji reactions.

The “Digital HQ”, i.e. the digital head office, has received an addition called “Slack Canvas”. Virtual canvases can be shared there, which can contain contacts, workflows, video, audio, images, links to channels and profiles in Slack or documents. Slack Canvas can import data from the Salesforce applications Tableau, Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Service Cloud as well as Google Docs applications, Jira and Figma.

The individual elements are organized in such a way that you can work through them piece by piece, for example to summarize all the onboarding steps: register a phone number, watch a welcome video, save important contacts, join a team channel.

Workflows can be used to automate common processes, such as everything that needs to be done before going on vacation, such as setting up out-of-office messages and redirecting the phone. A new Slack platform should make it easier for developers to set up such workflows. It is currently in an open beta status, which is intended to encourage experimentation.

Slack Canvas summarizes different media types as well as contacts and workflows, for example to facilitate the onboarding process.

Slack belongs to the software provider Salesforce. A free Slack license stores the message history for 90 days and integrates apps such as Google Drive and Microsoft Office 365. For EUR 6.75 per month, Slack stores the entire message history and allows audio and video calls for groups of up to 50 team members. For larger offers, for example company-wide, there are no exact prices.


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