Messenger: how to secretly leave a WhatsApp group

WhatsApp groups are useful – but they can also be very tiring. We show how you can secretly leave unwanted chats.

Group chats are probably a useful invention for many people. Organize the birthday or the next party with a message? Go with them whatsapp groups dead easy. The problem: If you’re not careful and choose the wrong setting, a WhatsApp group can quickly spiral out of control.

WhatsApp is aware of this problem and has repeatedly revised the settings for groups in recent years to give users more control.

Leave WhatsApp group: How it works

The probably most famous function should probably also be the last resort for many users at the same time: to leave the group.

  • Users can easily do this by tapping and holding the corresponding WhatsApp group with their finger on both the iPhone and the Android smartphone.
  • Then a pop-up window will open giving you the option to “Leave Group”.
  • You can easily leave the WhatsApp group by clicking on it.

This very easy way carries with it a certain risk. After all, anyone who simply leaves a group without a reason or saying goodbye will certainly cause at least confusion, if not upset, just like in real life. Finally, the other users remaining in the group will be informed that you are leaving a WhatsApp group. So at least a short farewell should be in there.

Leave the WhatsApp group secretly – Here’s how

How much easier would it be if you could secretly leave the WhatsApp group? WhatsApp still has them Function not activatedHowever there is Reports that it is already being worked on. Accordingly, in a beta version of WhatsApp, the function for secretly leaving a group surfaced. It doesn’t run completely without notifications here either: at least the admins of the chat are notified that they have left the group.




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So what to do with the annoying, opaque and seemingly never-ending conversations in WhatsApp groups? There is actually a way to get rid of annoying WhatsApp groups without coming across as rude. And you don’t even have to do that leave whatsapp group. You just ignore them.

Mute WhatsApp Groups and Chats – This is what you need to do

Since that Leave a WhatsApp group can become critical, you also have the option of muting the chats. Incidentally, this not only works for WhatsApp groups, but also for all other chats.

  • To do this, tap on the top bar in the chat, where the name of the contact or group is displayed.
  • iPhone users can choose under the “Mute” option to turn off notifications for the group “always” or just for a limited period of 1 week or 8 hours.
  • Android users can access this feature the same way. It just says “Mute Notifications”.

Archive WhatsApp chats – How it works

Admittedly, you don’t really leave a WhatsApp group this way. But if you want to go one step further, you can hide unwanted chats so much that you will probably forget them anyway.

  • If you want to archive chats as an iPhone user, simply slide your finger on the respective chat from right to left.
  • Android users keep tapping on the relevant chat until a pop-up opens in which the chats can be archived.
  • It is also important to select the option “Leave chats in the archive” under the “Chats” tab in the settings.

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