Messi denied any injury: “I feel very good physically”

“I feel very good physically. I arrive at a great moment both personally and physically and I don’t have any problems. I heard that I trained differently because I had a blow, as a precaution, but nothing unusual,” said Leo Messi 24 hours after the debut of the Argentine National Team in Qatar – Tuesday 7 am against Saudi Arabia.

Our captain’s phrase comes after the viralization of an image of his swollen left ankle. When talking about his fifth World Cup, Messi assured: “It will surely be My last World Cup, the last chance to achieve what we all want”.

On how Argentina arrives, Leo spoke the plural: “I don’t know if we arrived better, but it is clear that we have come from winning and that decompresses a lot. That people are not so anxious and so pending the results, but rather enjoying the moment of the National Team This group reminds me a lot of the one in 2014, which was very united and was clear about what it was doing on the pitch.”

But the questions returned to the personal, so Messi replied: “I feel very excited, excited. We will try to play the best game to start with the three points. Before I played all the time and many important things went unnoticed. Today I try to enjoy a lot more of everything”

The group

“This group has been growing game by game and it feels very good in the group. That reflects it on the pitch. We expect a difficult game, but we are going to play as we have been doing, go after the game from the start and respect to the rival”.

The illusion

“What leads me to keep trying is the illusion, the desire and always wanting more. You always have to try, whatever it is, and not stay with the desire. We never know if we are going to be able to play another World Cup, I tell them I want my teammates to enjoy the experience to the fullest, the people and the match”.

“I feel very excited and excited about this new beginning of the World Cup. When the game starts, everyone will want the best for their team and we will try to play the best game to start in the best way and obtain the best results. three points. I don’t know if it’s the happiest moment of my career. It grabs me at a different age and more mature. Today I enjoy all this much more, I didn’t think so before. Sometimes many things that happened to me went unnoticed and today I am more aware.”

The love of the public

“That many people who are not Argentine want me to be champion for me, I have always said that I am grateful for the love I received throughout my career. This is one more example of that.”

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