Meta executives leave California; They do home office in NY and London

  • In 2021, Meta registered 71,970 workers worldwide.

  • Meta’s revenues amounted to approximately $117 billion.

  • Meta generated $114.93 billion in ad revenue that year.

Currently there are many companies in the world that continue in the work modality home officedespite the fact that many have already returned most of their employees to the offices. One such company is Meta, which recently saw half a dozen company executives leave the company’s California headquarters, taking advantage of Mark Zuckerberg’s laid-back attitude toward remote work.

According to data from your annual reportthe Meta company, the parent company of Facebook, expanded its workforce continuously throughout the period of 2021, for which it currently registers 71,970 workers.

They also detail that this represents an increase in the number of employees of more than 20 percent compared to 2020, where, of them, 59 were Facebook workers in Spain, as of 2019.

Meta executives leave California

This Thursday it was announced that half a dozen Meta executives have left the company’s headquarters in California so far this year, residing in other states, including other countries.

According to a publication in The Post, London is the main destination for Meta executives, as an example the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, Meta’s chief marketing officer Alex Schultz and president of global affairs Nick Clegg have either already moved or plan to move to England this year.

It was revealed by the Financial Times that Clegg, former leader of the Liberal Democratic Party and deputy prime minister of the United Kingdom, reports directly to Zuckerberg. and directs all of Meta’s dealings with governments around the world.

In the meantime, Mosseri will help recruit Instagram staff while temporarily living in the UK, where tech talent is up to three times cheaper than in San Francisco, as reported by the Financial Times.

Meta allows most employees to choose between fully remote or hybrid schedules, with Zuckerberg himself spending much of his time at his sprawling Hawaiian estate.

According to reports, Javier Olivan, who recently replaced Sheryl Sandberg as director of operations for Meta, he is dividing his time between California and his native Spain.

Chief product officer Naomi Gleit lives in New York City, where Meta recently scaled back expansion plans for its Hudson Yards and Astor Place offices, Bloomberg reported in July.

And the director of information security, Guy Rosen, moved to his home country: Israel.

Let’s remember that Meta faces tough antitrust challenges from regulators in both the United States and Europe. Likewise, shares of Meta have plunged more than 50 percent so far this year amid slowing growth and competition from TikTok.

As Meta leaders scatter across the globe, other big tech companies have forced employees back to the office, like Elon Musk-led Tesla.

Another company is Apple, which currently requires virtually all employees to spend two days a week in the office, with plans to increase the requirement to three. For its part, Google also requires three days a week for many employees with more exceptions than Apple.

Amazon lets individual corporate team managers decide how often their employees come to the office.

In this sense, the new normality has made many companies change their work schemes to better connect with their employees and collaborators.

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