Metroid Dread: employees would not have been credited due to insufficient working time

Roberto Mejias, 3D artist, wrote on October 12 on LinkedIn : “I would like to sincerely congratulate the Metroid Dread team for releasing such an exceptional title. I’m not surprised by his quality, there was such a dose of talent in the team. And I can attest to that, knowing that despite not appearing in the game’s credits, I was part of this team for eight months.“.
A case that is therefore not isolated: Tania Penaranda, 3D animator now at Pendulo, also confirmed that his name had disappeared from the credits, although she worked on the game between November 2019 and May 2020, even reocnosing many of her own animations in the final product. At least two other sources who insisted on remaining anonymous confirmed that they were concerned, one of them slipping to Vandal that this kind of practice was commonplace.

Contacted by Vandal, the MercurySteam studio responded through the voice of a spokesperson that this situation corresponded to an internal policy: a person who has worked on a game for less than 25% of its total development time will not appear. not in his credits. According to Vandal sources, the development of Metroid Dread would have lasted between three and four years. MercurySteam would therefore have erased from the slates the contributions of developers who would have remained less than a quarter of this period.

Beyond the unacceptable nature of the practice – “whether I stayed 1% or 25% of the development time, if I participated you should put me in the credits“, asserts a source – Roberto Mejias speculates that the withdrawal of his name could be linked to his departure. The latter has indeed discovered that MercurySteam imposed in its contracts a notice of 42 days, much longer than the 15 days minimum required by Spanish labor law, and likely to trigger a financial penalty in the event of non-compliance. Roberto Mejia and one of his colleagues would have been concerned and both would not appear in the credits of Metroid Dread.

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