Metroid Dread has sold better than almost any other Metroid in Japan after 3 days

Nintendo can look forward to a good start for Metroid Dread in Japan, and things are looking good in other regions too.

The Metroid Dread released last week by Nintendo and Mercury Steam is on the road to success.

This is especially true for the Japanese market, where the game got off to a strong start and in the first three days sold more often than some other Metroid in its entire life cycle.

Number one of the week

With 86,798 copies sold, the Switch title landed at number one on the charts last week, like the Famitsu reported (thanks, VGC).

Especially if you look at the data on other Metroid games in Japan, that’s a fantastic number.

Accordingly, Metroid Dread sold almost twice as often in its first week as Metroid Fusion once did in week one, reports the website Game Data Librarywhich has been collecting data on sales in Japan since 1995. Accordingly, data on the first three Metroid games are missing here.

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Already a success

The data shows that in just a few days, Metroid Dread has already trumped the total sales of many other Metroid games. And keep in mind that the Famitsu numbers only take physical sales into account, so in truth, the game was probably a lot more successful thanks to digital sales.

Here are the sales of the Metroid games. In the first place are the sales in the first week, followed by the total sales:

  1. Metroid Dread: 86.798
  2. Metroid Fusion 49.680 / 155.528
  3. Metroid: Other M 44.103 / 75.578
  4. Metroid Prime 39.829 / 78.384
  5. Metroid: Zero Mission 39.112 / 85.045
  6. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption 34.151 / 74.647
  7. Metroid Prime: Hunters 32.613 / 90.028
  8. Metroid: Samus Returns 28.596 / 42.437
  9. Metroid Prime 2: Echoes 17.680 / 40.355
  10. Famicom Mini 23: Metroid 14.900 / 50.353

Given that the Metroid range has traditionally had a tough time in Japan, these are certainly encouraging sales figures.

The game also got off to a strong start in the UK and had the best sales start in the series. In terms of retail sales, the game did not rank first in franchise history (less than 1,000 copies difference), but digital sales should make up for that.

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