Mette-Marit is missing from the new picture of the Norwegian royal family – the court explains the situation

Mette-Marit was missing

Mette-Marit was missing from the latest photos of the Norwegian royal family.

On Monday, the Norwegian royals appeared in Oslo. King Harald, Queen Sonja and Prince Haakon appeared smiling as they sat down on board the schooner before boarding the Norwegian royal ship on Bygdøy in Oslo. But in the pictures a certain person is missing …

The Norwegian royal family

King Harald, Queen Sonja and Prince Haakon appeared in the pictures.

Javad Parsa

Once again, it is the Crown Princess, Mette-Marit who is missing when the royal family is seen in public. It is for the same reason that she relinquished certain assignments during the Norwegian royal couple’s stay in Sweden in early May. The Norwegian court explains what makes Mette-Marit shine with her absence.

– In 2018, the Crown Princess was diagnosed with a chronic lung disease. The Crown Princess therefore sometimes has a slightly shorter program with regard to health, says Guri Varpe, communications manager at the Norwegian court to Svensk Dam.

Mette-Marit’s tough illness

Mette-Marit is diagnosed with chronic pulmonary fibrosis, which means that scar tissue forms in and between the small blisters and makes the lungs stiff. Common symptoms for someone affected by the disease include shortness of breath, dry cough, fatigue and weight loss.

Prince Haakon, Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel and Crown Princess Mette-Marit.

Mette-Marit during the visit to Sweden.

Royalportraits Europe / Bernard Rubsamen / Bestimage

Mette-Marit therefore finds it difficult to keep the same pace as before, and has reduced the number of royal assignments to keep up. Anders Stavseng, royal expert in Norwegian See and Hear told Svensk Dam about the expectations of Mette-Marit before the visit to Sweden.

– Mette-Marit takes one day at a time. She agrees to what she can do, and when she is too ill to participate, she stays at home. She herself has said that some days are better than others. The Crown Princess has been looking forward to coming to Sweden, and will probably go the extra mile to finish with brilliance!

So the reason why Mette-Marit was missing from the pictures is understandable to say the least.

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