Metzger sends liver sausage to the Ukrainian ambassador Melnyk

The Ukrainian Ambassador Melnyk described Chancellor Scholz as “offended liverwurst”. This now has culinary consequences: A Palatinate butcher sent the ambassador a basket full of sausages.

The “liver sausage” statements made by the Ukrainian ambassador Andriy Melnyk about Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) have a culinary aftermath. The Palatinate butcher Walter Adam from Herxheim near Landau has sent a gift basket with Palatinate liver sausage to Melnyk in Berlin – and also announced this in interviews with several media.

The Ukrainian ambassador in Germany has now declared via Twitter that he is looking forward to the sausage and is inviting the butcher to Berlin and Ukraine. “If he really invites me to Berlin, then I would go,” said Adam on Saturday when asked by dpa.


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Melnyk: “I like liverwurst”

At the beginning of May, Melnyk criticized Scholz’s preliminary no to a trip to Kyiv with the words: “Playing an insulted liver sausage doesn’t sound very statesmanlike.” The newspaper “Die Rheinpfalz” took the diplomatic complications as an opportunity to conduct an interview with butcher Adam on the subject of liver sausages, among other things. Melnyk shared the interview on his Twitter account in early May and commented, “I like liverwurst.”

That finally gave Adam the idea of ​​the gift that one of his regular customers would bring to Berlin. It should arrive at the embassy on Monday, the butcher said. There are five different liver sausages in the box, including a coarse onion liver sausage.

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