Mexican animal rights movement

Citizens who reject activities that cause suffering to animals, do not find channels of communication with the government, which is indifferent towards animal causes.

Hundreds of animal protection laws are pending approval in local and federal congresses. There are all kinds of laws, from registers of aggressors, judicialization of complaints of animal abuse, animal protection mechanisms, laws that prohibit cockfights and dogs as well as bullfights, are in legislative limbo.

The shameful PVEM criminal preserve of Jorge Emilio Martínez, has never woven animal protection agendas.

Despite the lack of support, thousands of social organizations and activists carry out heroic and strenuous animal rescue work every day.

Mexican animal activists do not give or ask for quarter, they work hard every day. It is well known that social movements, unrelated to patronage like this, are not of interest to the government.

From the government there are no actions or ideas to care for the needs of animals, from the most basic services to the sterilization of dogs and cats. Throughout the country there are anti-rabies and health centers that are idle, without budget or resources.

There have been some efforts to establish support and communication networks for the Mexican animal rights movement, for now there is a healthy initiative to form a local animal rights political party in Mexico City, a group that has very interesting ideas.

Of course, the organizational efforts of the Mexican animalist party are healthy for Mexican politics, they can be a social niche that raises the voices of citizens interested in promoting a healthy environment and a harmonious coexistence between animals, humans and nature.

Hopefully we will soon have news about the progress of the Mexican animalist party, many citizens will be observing the organizational progress and the legitimacy of its causes, a truly animalist representation is greatly lacking, one that not only makes laws but also monitors their strict application. Until next time.

Eliseo Rosales Avalos


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Political scientist and lawyer, academic, columnist, president of citizens without a party and proud Mexican.

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