Mexican meteorologist dies chasing storms in the US

Martha Llanos, Mexican meteorologistlost his life while carrying out a storm study in Lorain Township, southwestern Minnesota, United States, after suffering a car accident.

According to The Washington Post, the events were recorded on the night of May 11 when the 30-year-old was traveling with three other companions in search of information and samples for study what they did

The Minnesota State Patrol attended a car accident on Interstate 90 Wednesday night. According to reports, there were four passengers in the vehicle, all storm chasers.

Mexican meteorologist died doing her work

Martha Llanos was 30 years old.

Martha Llanos was 30 years old.

In the vehicle were Bradford Barrett, a physicist with the United States Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR), who suffered injuries seriously after the car accident. As well as Diego Álvaro Campos, driver of the car, and Aldo Alberto Viscarra-Avilez you want were injured.

Martha Llanos The 30-year-old was a member of the American Meteorological Society and prepared forecasts for the Secretariat of Comprehensive Management and Civil Protection Risks of Mexico City.

“Chaser Log. Day 1. 3 hours ago I arrived in Nebraska, we continue on our way north in search of some formation. Now in Iowa, heading to Minnesota, ”the Mexican wrote minutes before suffering the car accident in which she lost her life.

What is a meteorologist?

Martha Llanos was 30 years old.

Martha Llanos was 30 years old.

climatologists or meteorologists they investigate atmospheric phenomena and interpret weather information collected by surface and air stations, satellites, radar to produce reports and forecasts for public and other use, and improve general and scientific understanding of climate. In the case of Mexican meteorologist He lost his life while conducting a study. In The Truth News we recommend: Hundreds of people hospitalized due to a thick sandstorm.

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