Mexican seeks to break the record for the longest wave in the world in Mexico vs Argentina

The match between Mexico vs Argentina will not only be important for both teams in group C of the Qatar World Cup 2022 looking to add units to move on to the next phase, since in this match it will seek to break a record with the longest human wave in the world.

The mind behind this proposal is Alexis Omana Mexican content creator, who before traveling to Qatar for the World Cup devised how to manage to coordinate the thousands of fans that this Saturday, November 26, 2022, they will meet at the stadium.

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The mark to beat is 17 minutes and 14 seconds. Will seek to do the feat at half time of the duelfor which, the Mexican made a video to disseminate his proposal and those who attend the game know what it is about and join in order to leave their mark on World Cup lands.

To do this, in addition to creating a video explaining what the proposal is about enabled a site to go viral and reach all who will attend the meeting. Yes indeed, offers several prizes for more referrals you make and that they have shared the video.

What it offers are the entire collection of selection products, $500, an iPad and an iPhone 14depending on the number of referrals is the prize you will get.

To ensure he can break the record, Omman searched in Qatar for ways to get attention and get the message out, so he made a poster with a piece of cardboard that a vendor gave him as a gift after his insistence that he sell it to him since despite having searched he could not get paper.

“Let’s break the record for the longest wave in the world, Mexico vs. Argentina, half time,” he wrote on the cardboard and hung it on him and walked through the busiest streets of Qatar, where the reporters are, so that his proposal could be seen. make it more viral and thus make sure that tomorrow they will be able to set a new record.

You’ll make it? Until tomorrow we will know the answer, but what he did do is draw the attention of the press who interviewed him to find out about his particular proposal, which does not seem far-fetched and is that the Mexicans have shown all their ingenuity in the World Cup, the. which has been documented on social networks.

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Since dance Rodeo clown in a plaza in Qatar, until improvising a wrestling in the subway, dance the chona, or export to World Cup lands the characteristic cry of “old iron”are some of the curiosities that Mexicans have done in the World Cup.

For this World Cup experience, Omman also decided to take everything paid to the first Mexican who told him that he did want to go to the World Cup.

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