Mexican stock market opens in red and outlines third consecutive fall

The mexico stock exchanges opened the negotiations this Wednesday in negative territory. Stock indices are turning red a day after a global wave of risk aversion sent them down sharply.

the leading index S&P/BMV IPC of the Mexican stock exchange (BMV), which groups the 35 most traded shares, lost 0.18% to 46,818.18 points. The index FTSE BIVAof the Institutional Stock Market (Biva), falls 0.18% to 973.05 points.


Within the benchmark index, most components decline, with 20 of the values ​​in red and 15 in green. The worst losses are from Grupo BMV (-1.87%), GCC (-1.38%), Genomma Lab (-1.18%) and Cuervo (-1.11 percent).

The S&P/BMV IPC index could trade this day in a range between 46,600 and 47,300 points, according to Banorte estimates. Until yesterday, the reference of the local stock market accumulated a loss of 2.58% in its negative streak.

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