Mexico beats Puerto Rico 6-0 at home

For the round of 16 5 of the CONCACAF tournament – 2022 Under-20 Championship, Mexico used a quick game to beat Puerto Rico 6-0 this Sunday. Fidel Ambriz (23′ 1T), Christian Torres (32′ 1T), Esteban Lozano (3′ 2T), Salvador Mariscal (7′ 2T), Isaías Violante (25′ 2T) and Jesús Hernández (33′ 2T) were the authors of the landslide victory of the local team.

A great play by Mexico, 32 minutes into the first half, was the one that moved the scoreboard thanks to Christian Torres. The midfielder took a tremendous shot from the semicircle, after receiving an assist from Esteban Lozano. The ball entered the right post right and down.

Wilfredo Rivera created danger in the 62nd minute of the second stage, but his shot ended up hitting one of the posts and Puerto Rico could not discount.

The best player of the match was Esteban Lozano. The attacker from Mexico scored 1 goal, shot at the opposite goal 6 times and made 6 correct passes.

Isaías Violante was also key. The defender from Mexico had a good level scoring 1 goal.

The process of the game was very disputed, with few spaces for game creation. There were 3 cautioned: Brian Flores, Parker OFerral and Rafael Palma.

Mexico coach Luis Pérez proposed a 4-5-1 formation with José Eulogio in goal; Emilio Martínez, Antonio Leone, Jesús Alcantar and Rafael Palma in the defensive line; Fidel Ambriz, Salvador Mariscal, Christian Torres, Jonathan Pérez and Bryan González in the middle; and Esteban Lozano in the attack.

For its part, Dave Sarachan’s team took the field with a 4-4-2 scheme with Sebastian Cutler under the three sticks; Diego Rossi, Parker OFerral, Andre Cutler and Noah Escobar on defense; Wilfredo Rivera, Ian Silva, Brian Flores and Edwin Melendez at midfield; and Jeremy de Leon and Daniel Cruz up front.

Randy Encarnación Solano was the referee who directed the match at the Metropolitan Olympic Stadium.

With this win, Mexico advanced to the CONCACAF Quarterfinals – 2022 Under-20 Championship.

Note and image source: DataFactory

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