Mexico down in data consumption in Latin America

In a surprising study, CIU reveals that Mexico, despite being one of the countries with the highest penetration of smartphones, is one of the countries with the lowest data consumption in Latin America. The consultancy suggests that the correlation between data consumption and the level of competition is undeniable.

Markets with high levels of competition and low levels of market concentration, such as Chile and Peru, register a higher consumption of mobile data per user, of 10.3 GB and 6.0 GB respectively. Countries with little competition and high concentration, such as Colombia and Mexico, have less use of mobile internet, 5.0 GB and 3.8 GB respectively.

The study talks about the case of Peru, where historically the market was dominated by Movistar, and where currently the benefits of an effective deconcentration are already evident. This has boosted mobile internet consumption, reaching an average consumption of 6.0 GB per month per user. In addition, the economic growth of the country in the last decade has made it possible for more people to access this service, a phenomenon that was pushed during the pandemic.

On the other hand, Colombia and Mexico represent similar cases, registering similar proportions of prepaid and postpaid mobile users, in addition to having similar average income levels of the population. However, the momentous difference between these countries lies in the structure of the market. In the Colombian case, the consolidation and greater weighting of MVNOs than in any other country in the region, as well as the competitive pressure exerted by Tigo and Movistar on the market leader Claro (48.2% of total mobile lines), have detonated mobile data consumption at a monthly average per user of 5.0 GB.

In contrast, Telcel, the same operator, but in the Mexican market, has a 61.1% share in terms of lines and 71.5% in revenues, and has even concentrated its weight. This has resulted in a stagnation in the data offers and in its price level, despite having entered OMV with unlimited data plans, which places us in the last place of the analyzed countries, with an average data consumption per user of 3.8 GB per month.

The Competitive Intelligence Unit report concludes that “competition triggers incentives to offer mobile data in better conditions for users, especially in the amount of GB available and at affordable prices for service plans / packages.”

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