Mexico will achieve sovereignty in hydrocarbons by 2024: AMLO

Mexico will achieve sovereignty in hydrocarbons by 2024: AMLO

On the 85th anniversary of the Oil Expropriation, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador gave a message to thousands of previously summoned supporters, who filled the Zócalo in Mexico City and some surrounding streets.

Accompanied by members of his cabinet and state governors from the Morena party, López Obrador spoke to the audience about the nation’s sovereignty, focusing on the issue of oil production.

The first intervention was dew nahle, Secretary of Energyspoke about the new nationalist vision of the energy policy of this government and reiterated that this year the Olmeca refinery in Dos Bocas will begin production.

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The second report was Octavio Romero Oropezadirector of Mexican oilwho assured that he is complying with the instruction to “rescue” the national oil industry, anticipating that by the end of this year Pemex will be close to 2 million barrels of production per day, which will guarantee self-sufficiency in fuels.

In addition to the production in the refineries of Deer Park and two mouthsOropeza anticipated that this year 97 exploratory wells and 256 oil production wells will be drilled.

4T continuity

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In his speech that lasted about an hour, López Obrador touched on economic and social issues, the reconstruction of Line 12 of the CDMX subway, even the interference of the United States in combating fentanyl trafficking.

During his speech, the head of the federal Executive reaffirmed that Mexico will be independent in hydrocarbons, since next year it will no longer buy gasoline from any foreign government.

“We have directed our resources and efforts to achieve food self-sufficiency and energy self-sufficiency. In the latter, as reported here by the Secretary of Energy and the director of Pemex, we can assure that oil sovereignty is being ensured. Next year, we are not going to buy gasoline or diesel or other oil products abroad. We are going to process all our raw material,” said the president.

On the subject of fentanyl, López Obrador indicated that he is going to collaborate, but he is not going to allow sovereignty to be violated nor will he fall into submission. Also, he commented that, during 2022, the country’s economy grew more than that of the United States and China.

“Public finance is strong. The national economy is growing, last year, the economy in Mexico grew even more than the economy in China and the United States”.

According to data from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the Mexican economy could weaken as growth slows in the United States, since inflationary pressures were high and widespread.

In addition to the fact that general and subjacent inflation stood at 8.4% last October; while inflationary expectations in the medium term had increased.

On the other hand, during his speech the president announced that, according to his figures, during his administration there have been reductions in crimes such as 33% fewer crimes in the federal jurisdiction; 10% fewer homicides; 38% fewer vehicle thefts; 20% theft in general; 92% less huachicol; femicide by 28%, and kidnapping was reduced by 76 percent.

Also, the president stressed that throughout the six-year term, investment has been made in public works, as was not done in other governments. He assured that this year more than 1 trillion pesos will be exercised, in works.

“In other words, we are going to continue building roads, bridges, trains, airports, hospitals, universities, markets, sports units, boardwalks, natural, recreational and ecological parks”, in addition to highlighting the recovery of archaeological zones.

Finally, facing the 2024 presidential election, he called for unity and the continuity of his transformation project.

After the president’s message, the event ended.

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