MH Rise: New content and release date of the Sunbreak DLC revealed

Capcom promises and Capcom delivers: In December it was said that in spring they finally wanted to show more about the upcoming Monster Hunter Rise DLC Sunbreak and today the Japanese company is true to its word. In a 16-minute event on YouTube, new monsters and new quests were presented – and finally revealed a specific one release date.

The flagship of the Sunbreak DLC is the Elder Dragon Malzeno, who was also allowed to be in the spotlight at the event. She commands a swarm of parasites that drain their victims’ energy and can trigger the new status Bloodplague. The reference to vampires is as obvious as it is successful. But Malzeno isn’t the only monster you’ll encounter in sunbreak will hunt.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – New Monsters…

In the past, old acquaintances were revealed who Monster Hunter Rise (buy now €45.99 /€47.99 ) allowed to make unsafe in the Sunbreak DLC and now the flying wyvern introduced in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate also encounters Seregios to. The flying fiend can bleed by shedding its scales, making it a formidable opponent.

But of course experienced hunters also crave new monsters and two of them were revealed in today’s event. There would be for one Auroracanthwhich surrounds itself with an ice-cold fog and can thus quickly process unwary hunters into ice cream together with its ice breath.

In contrast, the Magma Almudron heat up properly. The lava-spitting Loch Ness monster can heat itself up and attack with its flaming tail. In addition, some monsters that already exist in the game have been adjusted and they have been given new combo attacks.

… new skills, new quests – and a new controller!

So that you can still see land with the horde of new monsters, the Sunbreak brings with it the new “change art” ability, which you can find in the new outpost Elgado can acquire. This allows you to change your loadouts, even in hectic battles. Swap dodges also allow you to quickly get out of danger and reposition yourself.

You can also find new exciting ones in Sunbreak Follower Quests accept where you go hunting with story characters. In this new type of quest, in addition to the characters present in Elgado, such as Fiorayne, Luchika, Jae, Galleus and Arlow, you will also be accompanied by well-known members of Kamura, such as Hinoa or Minoto.

Finally, they announced one more new Nintendo Switch Pro controller in the chic Malzeno design, which, just like the Sunbreak DLC from the June 30, 2022 will be available. However, the newly revealed release date only applies to Monster Hunter Rise on the Nintendo Switch, unfortunately no words were said about the PC version.

Source: Capcom on YouTube / Nintendo on Twitter / press release

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