MHA: Blood Raven conquers us with her Pop Step cosplay

Taking advantage of the anime break My Hero Academiafans are taking a moment to look for more bonus content, so it’s the perfect time for a cosplay involving the beloved manga and anime series, especially now that its spin-off manga series vigilantesa series that has introduced us to new characters, among which stands out who we will talk about today.

And it is that, it will always be nice to talk about cosplay, that is why we take very seriously the mission of always bringing you fresh and interesting content, because we know that you can like any type, gender or character, as well as surely there will be several of the most popular names to your mind, but what is a fact is that every day the movement grows.

Well, there will always be artists for all tastes, and that is exactly why we take very seriously our job of helping you to know as much variety as possible, so that you know what your favorite style is, and enjoy your hobby, so this time we will talk to you about pop-stepa new super heroine that will melt your heart.

She calls herself Raven or RAE, a beautiful American model with a quite fresh and original cosplay style, who has several great versions among her works, especially anime and you can find her on her official Instagram as @blood.raven, where she has more of 93 thousand followers and many many cosplay that will make you fall in love.

In her cosplay this time, the girl brings us Kazuho Haneyamabetter known to many as Pop Step, one of the heroines within the spin-off manga My Hero Academia: Vigilantes, a high school student, who divides her free time between acting as an idol and patrolling the streets with koichi.

And that when she becomes Pop Step, she wears pink hair in two pigtails, along with a two-piece black suit full of heart-shaped details and pink tones that define her delicate silhouette, as well as long stockings that go up to above her knees and sleeves that go from her wrists to the middle of her forearm, looking very sweet.

We hope that this cosplay work has been to your liking, if so, feel free to comment on what you like and what you don’t on our social networks, and please continue on eGames News.

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