Michael J. Fox: we review the best moments during the delivery of his honorary Oscar

There was a moment in his life when Michael J Fox They called him Marty McFly on the street for his performance in the Back to the Future trilogy. Almost 40 years later, has been awarded the honorary Oscar.

The Hollywood Academy celebrated the recent Saturday for the 13th edition of the Governors Awards, an emotional gala in which Fox caused the tears of those present to overflow.

According to the report published on the website of esquirethe Canadian actor took the prize in the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award category for his fight against Parkinson’s disease, a disease with which he has battled for the last 32 years.

Woody Harrelson, another renowned actor, was in charge of introducing Fox and dedicated some heartfelt words to him: “All your work brings great humanity, you have shown how to fight without losing faith in art. You’ve never wanted them to feel sorry for you. Victim, never; inspiration always. In addition to being talented, you are a great person.”.

Michael J Fox
Michael J Fox

When Michael J. Fox stood up, everyone present did the same as a show of respect. Variety shared the video of the moment.

In a ceremony attended by personalities such as Tom Hanks, Cate Blanchett, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jessica Chastain, Ana de Armas, Kevin Feige, Colin Farrell and Brendan Fraser, the honoree thanked the members of the Hollywood Academy who voted for him to win this well-deserved award, but he also remembered the people who work at his foundation dedicated to Parkinson’s research.

The most emotional statements by Michael J. Fox

The song ‘No Surrender’ (by Bruce Springsteen) has always been my personal anthem, so it’s been easy; it’s not that bad. It is a totally unexpected honor and I am truly grateful.”.

I have been amazed that everything that has been given to me, success, my life with Tracy and my family has prepared me for this profound opportunity and responsibility. It has been a gift”.

Let’s not fool ourselves, it’s a bitch that I was diagnosed (Parkinson’s) at 29 years old. Do not applaud, this is how it is, these are things that happen and it is synonymous with being alive (…) Whatever they say, no one can deny that in the 80s I was a very famous actor”, he concluded with a sense of humor.

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