Michael Wendler celebrates mega success: Famous song just before the milestone

Michael Wendler could now reach an important milestone with his song “Egal”.

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Pop singer Michael Wendler has mostly made negative headlines recently. But with his popular song “Egal” he could even achieve gold status.

NRW – Michael Wendler’s (49) success has decreased rapidly since his confused Corona theories – one might think. But it looks like the pop singer currently seems to be riding a wave of musical success, knows RUHR24*.

Pop singer Michael Wendler
Born July 22, 1972 (age 49) in Dinslaken
Current spouse Laura Müller (married 2020)
children Adeline Norberg

Michael Wendler is not only successful as a pop singer – “It doesn’t matter” meme is becoming popular

Before Michael Wendler devoted himself entirely to being a conspiracy theorist, the 49-year-old was in the headlines in 2019, especially with his big argument with comedian Oliver Pocher (43). The reason for this: Above all, the relationship with Laura Müller, who was only 18 at the time, caused provocations – after all, the two met at his concert (everyone News about celebrities and TV from NRW* at RUHR24).

Due to the dispute that lasted for weeks, which even ended in a TV duel, Wendler’s hit “Egal” from 2017 experienced its second musical spring. Not only popular as a meme, the Wendleric “no matter” is now considered the “Yolo” of 2020/21.

Michael Wendler successful as a pop singer: Popular song could get gold status

That also seems to be reflected in the sales of the single. Around four years after the publication, Michael Wendler is on the verge of a mega success *. The 49-year-old writes on Telegram: “The record company Telamo has just informed me that my last single ‘Egal’, which was a hit shortly before Corona, already has more than 136,000 sales. Insanity. It is not far to gold status and with your help the miracle could come true. Please download the single! On all known music portals. “

To prove that the pop singer is really successful with his music, he also includes a screenshot. This shows the email traffic that Michael Wendler is said to have had with his record company. They write in the mail: “Dear Michael, nice to hear from you. According to GfK, we sold 136,490 units from Egal (streams have already been converted). From 200,000 there is gold, that is, there is still a way to go, although these are very positive numbers. “

Michael Wendler could get the gold record through “Egal” streams on Spotify

Speaking of streaming: The 200,000 sales also include the streams on streaming platforms such as Spotify. In order for a song to be rated, it must be played for 31 seconds. 200 played “Doesn’t matter” songs mean one unit sold.

Video: Separated from Laura Müller? Michael Wendler is now a “single man”

On Spotify, “No matter” has already been streamed almost 19,500,000 times – that is, the equivalent of 97,500 units of the song sold. A large proportion of the 136,490 units of “Egal” sold in total. But things are not only going well for Michael Wendler professionally, but also privately.

Big move: Michael Wendler, wife Laura Müller and the dog Tiger want to change space

He just sold Pop singer Michael Wendler bought his home in Cape Coral (Florida / USA) for 890,000 US dollars* (around 770,000 euros). A handsome sum, especially since he was able to make a profit of $ 416,000 on the sale of the house.

Laura Müller and Michael Wendler in September 2019. It was one of the couple’s first appearances. Two years later they can no longer be seen in public appearances.

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With his Laura Müller (20) and dog Tiger, the family should now live in a house for rent – but only for one year, then they should continue. Maybe with the move: The golden record for Michael Wendler with his song “Egal”. * RUHR24 is part of the editorial network of IPPEN.MEDIA.

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