Micromania is committed to a good cause with Gifts for Change and Rêve de cinéma

business news Micromania is committed to a good cause with Gifts for Change and Rêve de cinéma

Micromania-Zing is committed to Rêve de cinéma and Gifts for Change: the profits from its Megacard, which has become payable, will help to show films to hospitalized children and teenagers.


  • Cinema for sick children and adolescents
  • Bringing cinema to more children

Cinema for sick children and adolescents

Through a press release, the Micromania video game store chain announces that it is changing its Megacard. If it does not change in substance, it changes in form: it becomes eco-designed, made of wood and is produced by Gifts for Change, a company that produces eco-responsible objects, part of the profits of which is donated to great causes. Indeed, the Megacard now costs 1 euro but the profits generated will be entirely donated to the Rêve de Cinéma association: an association whose mission is to bring cinema to sick children and adolescents.

For Micromania, a commitment to Rêve de cinéma made perfect sense. She explains that the two entities are aimed at a young audience, and that they both have a passion for cinema. It is true that the 7th art is getting closer and closer to video games, whether in one way or the other. In any case, Laurent Bouchard, the general manager of Micromania-Zing, does not hide his enthusiasm:

With this new kind of partnership, we are very happy and proud to mobilize with our customers and our teams to share our passions beyond the walls of our stores and thus contribute to developing the actions carried out by the Rêve de cinema with young hospitalized children.

Bringing cinema to more children

Micromania is committed to a good cause with Gifts for Change and Rêve de cinéma

Image credits: Gifts for Change.

Today, the ”Rêve de cinema indicates’ association carries out 340 screenings a year and reaches 25,000 children a year. Nevertheless, these projections cost money but also human resources, equipment and require other things like accommodation. This collaboration with Micromania-Zing and Gifts for Change obviously has the ambition to bring the 7th Art to even more children: it promises 150 additional screenings, ie 8,000 other children who could benefit from the cinema. That’s almost a third more of the 25,000 children already affected!

In any case, we hope that Micromania-Zing (which is at the heart of the project) and its 3.6 million active users for 350 stores in France will be able to raise the maximum funds for Rêve de cinéma. A solidarity initiative of more ZEvent, Speedons, Desert bus of hope…) in the world of gaming which always brings balm to the heart.

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