Microsoft confirms Xbox controller shortage

In addition to the period of shortage of consoles that we are currently going through, it seems that controllers are suffering the same fate.

After the consoles, the controllers…

Indeed, many stores around the world would no longer be able to provide Xbox controllers to their customers. A phenomenon that is particularly felt in Europe, so much so that there are currently no controllers available throughout the United Kingdom, regardless of color.

The only seller with a small amount of stock seems to be Amazon UK, for example, which offers the Carbon Black controller for £93.99, almost double the official price. For its part, Gamestop, the parent company of Micromania, only offers second-hand controllers.

In order to answer the questions of the players, Microsoft has just confirmed this shortage and thus declared:

We know it can be difficult to find Xbox Wireless Controllers right now due to supply disruptions. We are working as quickly as possible with our manufacturer and retail partners to improve the situation. Please check availability with your local retailer.

So let’s hope that we will quickly see the end of this shortage, whether for controllers or consoles, which are still suffering from huge inventory problems.

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