Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Announced for Android Enterprise Devices

Microsoft took advantage of this Monday to announce that Windows Defender for Endpoint will be available for those who have COPE Android Enterprise devices. First of all, it is worth remembering that this is different from the application launched in the area of ​​security.

For starters, it’s worth saying that Microsoft Defender for Endpoint continues to be security-minded. However, the focus of this platform is business, designed to analyze, identify and prevent advanced threats. Well, the same goes for the other terms that may seem strange at first.

23 Aug

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02 Aug

In the case of Android Enterprise, it may sound more familiar due to the fact that some smartphones receive the Android Enterprise Recommended badge. In other words, they are devices analyzed and considered suitable for those looking for a device that makes it possible to manage their business safely.

Regarding COPE, it can be said that it is when the company operates and provides devices such as notebooks or cell phones to its employees. Then, they can use these gadgets as personal objects. That is, the addition of the Microsoft program serves to provide greater security for devices in this niche.

According to the release made by the company today, the software arrives in a version that should encourage even more use in these systems. In addition, it is worth remembering that it was already able to protect devices from threats on Wi-Fi networks and was also able to isolate those that were already infected in some way. Finally, it is also a tool that helps IT teams in the corporate world to protect Android devices.

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