Microsoft Edge Gains Efficiency Mode That Helps Save Battery on Laptops

The latest update of Microsoft Edge brought a very interesting novelty for those who use the browser on notebooks: the reduction in battery consumption. The program brings an efficiency mode that greatly reduces the use of CPU, memory and other resources on the machine, and allows the laptop to spend more time away from the socket..

The feature is automatically turned on when the battery level is low, but you have the option to turn it off. For those who deal with many simultaneous tabs, it can be bad having to wake them up for each use, so it’s up to the user to define whether or not to keep the configuration.

Efficiency mode will help save battery on notebooks (Image: Playback/Microsoft)

With a focus on security, a modification also facilitated the exchange of exposed passwords in case of breach or just for the sake of caution. This has been made simpler by the introduction of a “Change” button, which makes it possible to change on the spot, directing you to the exact location on the website where the change can be made. This is still an early stage feature and few pages are supported, but Microsoft promises to expand compatibility in the coming months.

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You can change passwords through the browser itself (Image: Reproduction/Microsoft)

This saving feature is not exactly new in the browser business, as Google had already released something similar to Chrome. As the Microsoft program has the same Chromium base, it would be natural to expect something similar to arrive. If you use another browser on your notebook, and you tend to be away from electrical outlets for a long time, you may need to make this transition to not run the risk of running out of battery power in the middle of the day.

Purchases and price surveys

A novelty that may come soon is the features aimed at shopping, in order to help the user to save and find promotions. It will be possible to set up a price alert to let you know when an item is cheaper, compare values ​​and check the history of variations over the past few days. This was an early news in September that starts to land only now,

Discount coupons, rewards and other features will also be made available to help the user shop more efficiently. Those who live in the UK and use Bing will still be able to count on a rating system called Good On You, which focuses on highlighting initiatives based on social responsibility and sustainability.

You will be able to analyze the price history and compare values ​​(Image: Reproduction/Microsoft)

It’s still unclear exactly when all the news will arrive, but they could land in the next update in some future in the coming months. Microsoft Edge can be downloaded from the Windows Store or directly on the official website.

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