Microsoft faces Xbox Series X|S controller shortage

The world of video games has been no stranger to scarcity in recent years, as the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have caused a shortage of various resources. The widely publicized shortage of chips and semiconductors has hit the tech world hard, with the launches of the PS5 and xbox series x in 2020 especially affected.

Intel’s chief executive recently suggested that the shortage could last another two years, as companies have struggled to meet consumer demand. Now, microsoft has recently confirmed another major shortage related to Xbox.

Microsoft faces Xbox Series X|S controller shortage

Microsoft’s latest supply shortage has become a regular roadblock for Xbox fans wanting to get their hands on the gaming giant’s new hardware. The chip shortage mentioned above has affected the xbox series x since its launch, which has led to low stock levels and a shortage of consoles among retailers.

Xbox CFO Tim Stuart also recently confirmed that Xbox supply issues will likely continue into 2023. Now, a recent statement from Microsoft has officially confirmed that Xbox controls of xbox series x are scarce in several regions.

The lack of controls has meant that several stores, especially in Europe, are left without controls of xbox series x and that many are left without them. Xbox fans have noted supply issues in various regions including the UK, Germany, and France, and Microsoft recently made an official statement about the dilemma.

Microsoft attributed the control-related issues to “supply disruptions,” reaffirming that the company is working with its manufacturers to correct the problem. Supply shortages have also led to an increase in resellers, as many official outlets are unable to supply the controls.

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