Microsoft Flight Simulator: Free Top Gun Expansion Coming Late May

There’s finally an update to the free Top Gun expansion for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The DLC was postponed last year because it was supposed to be released alongside the movie of the same name.

Take to the skies for a new adventure

The Top Gun: Maverick Experience and Top Gun will be released later this month – to be more specific, the DLC is coming on May 25th, while the movie is coming out on May 27th.

The official Xbox Twitter account confirmed this date:

“Attention flight simulators! This is your captain speaking. The Top Gun: Maverick experience starts on May 25th in the Microsoft Flight Simulator! Don’t have your own callsign yet? Create one today!”

As announced in the tweet, there’s even a promotional website for the extension where you can create your own callsign. To do this, enter your name and take a photo of yourself with your camera.

You can play Microsoft Flight Simulator on PC and Xbox Series – even through Xbox Game Pass. As long as you have access to the game or Game Pass, the expansion is free for you.

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