Microsoft releases Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25145

Windows 11 Insiders in the Dev Channel can now download the new Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25145 to install. In addition to all sorts of corrections, Microsoft is also bringing a few innovations to the system with the new build. For example, when using a braille device, Narrator now automatically switches the braille driver when switching between Narrator and third-party screen readers.

Also new is that OneDrive standalone 100GB subscriptions can now be displayed in the account overview of the settings, where, among other things, it is also displayed if your storage limit there is almost exhausted. As is so often the case, Microsoft is gradually rolling out this feature in waves, which is why not all Insiders will have access to it immediately. If any of you know LAPS (Local Administrator Password Solution): the tool is now natively anchored in Windows 11 and is equipped with new functions:

  • Extend your Active Directory schema by running the Update-LapsADSchema cmdlet in the new LAPS PowerShell module.
  • Add the required permissions for your computer’s OU by running the Set-LapsADComputerSelfPermission cmdlet.
  • Add a new LAPS GPO, enable the Configure Password Backup Directory setting and configure it to backup the password to Active Directory.
  • The domain-joined client will process the policy at the next GPO update interval.
  • Run gpupdate /target:computer /force to avoid waiting. (The Invoke-LapsPolicyProcessing cmdlet can be used for the same purpose).
  • Once the domain-joined client saved a new password (look for event 10018 in the event log), run the Get-LapsADPassword cmdlet to retrieve the newly saved password (by default, you must run as domain administrator).

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