Microsoft Updates Windows 11 Even On Unsupported PCs: Much Ado About Nothing?

So far, one of the biggest drawbacks of installing Windows 11 on unsupported PCs seemed to be theinability to receive updates. We told you this over and over again and even Microsoft was quite clear, warning users that they were about to install Windows 11 on incompatible hardware that, in addition to running into unexpected problems, they would not receive support or updates.

Well, it seems that Microsoft has changed its mind, at least for the moment: last Tuesday in fact users with Windows 11 installed on a PC not officially supported, received the updates of the first “Patch Tuesday” just like everyone else. On Reddit there are several reports about it, which testify how updates arrive without problems even on machines incompatible with Windows 11.

The hypothesis of some is that Microsoft never intended not to update unsupported PCs, but simply displayed the infamous warning you see above simply to protect itself from any legal trouble. The reality of the matter is that we do not know what is in Microsoft’s head, what the plans are for the next few months and what it intends to do with users who have installed Windows 11 on machines that are not officially compatible: what we do know is that, at least for the currently, these PCs can be upgraded just like the others.

Nothing excludes that, in the future, these machines will really stop being supported and will force users to change computers, or go back to Windows 10, if they want to receive updates. This future could not even be far away: Microsoft could update them until the problem affecting the performance of AMD CPUs is resolved, and then decide to release the updates only on officially supported devices.

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