Microsoft would be working on an Xbox streaming device that would serve as an access point to xCloud

Microsoft would be working on a Xbox streaming device that would serve as an access point for the Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud) service, without requiring a One or Series X/S console.

The Xbox cloud gaming service is part of some Game Pass subscriptions. By developing a streaming device that can connect to a smart TV, the company would give many users a chance to play games without having a console at hand.

Jeff Grubb’s reporting on VentureBeat and Tom Warren’s TheVerge agree that this transmission equipment would reach the market sometime during the next 12 months.

However, as you remember GBR, Xbox has been among the rumors about this type of device for a while. In fact, the head of the company, Phil Spencer, assured in 2020 that there would be an Xbox application for televisions in 12 months, something that did not happen.

What would the device look like?

Reports indicate that Xbox has set its sights on the Amazon Fire Stick and on Roku streaming boxes to design your streaming device, so it would look like one of these two options. For the ‘box’ thing, it should be a box.

The biggest question in this regard is whether Xbox will really eliminate the need to buy a console, and that the Series X and Series S have been solid selling handsets.

A streaming device would be more of an alternative than a unique option and would only get the go-ahead if it is extremely affordable and targeted at customers who don’t mind the input lag and latency that comes with cloud-based gaming and don’t be interested in losing the 4K features of the consoles.

An Xbox streaming stick could be a great way to push more users into the Xbox ecosystem. With the success of Xbox Game Pass, it makes sense for Microsoft to look for more ways to put its games and ecosystem in the hands of consumers.

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