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Middle school: coalition still divided

After a recent debate in the Education Committee of the National Council, the Ministry of Education told Ö1 that they were working on a draft for the secondary school leaving certificate. Such was agreed as a project by the ÖVP and the Greens in the government program. However, the coalition partners have not yet agreed on the design, as recent statements have shown.

According to ÖVP Education Minister Martin Polaschek, there should be an exam at the end of the eighth or ninth grade. This is to ensure – as Polaschek recently told the “Kurier” – that all school leavers master the basic skills in German, mathematics and English.

Hamann: Only preliminary talks

According to the green education spokeswoman Sibylle Hamann, there have only been preliminary talks so far, no concrete drafts. It is therefore questionable whether the project will be implemented in time. Hamann also emphasized to Ö1 that the secondary school leaving certificate should not be an additional hurdle. Rather, from the point of view of the Greens, it is about securing further educational opportunities for those affected.

If you don’t pass the exam at 15, you should have educational opportunities until you are 18, which is also part of the government program, according to Hamann. There is currently an obligation to train, which, however, does not run through schools, but through offers from the Public Employment Service (AMS).

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