Midea Carrier heats up the summer in Chile with the launch of its domestic split Xtreme Save

The end of 2021 is approaching and with it the arrival of summer. Therefore, for those who suffer from high temperatures, it is more than necessary to have the correct device to heat the environment. In this way, the Xtreme Save domestic air conditioning split from Midea Carrier.

The renowned brand presented this new equipment in Chile highlighting two main characteristics. First of all, a great power to air-condition any environment whatever the outdoor temperature. So whether there is suffocating humidity, combined with thermometers registering above 30ºC, the Midea Carrier Xtreme Save is ready to respond.

And secondly, they highlight something that many Chilean homes suffer at this time: the increase in the electricity bill. In this sense, Midea expresses in a statement that its domestic air conditioning split is manufactured to have low consumption and thus save energy.

“We are very happy to launch this team in Chile. It is an air conditioner with state-of-the-art technology that provides the best comfort to its users. In addition, it is environmentally friendly and saves a great deal of energy. With the Midea Xtreme Save you can keep your home fresh, without spending too much ”, says Pierre Dréano, Head of HVAC Products at Mide Carrier Chile.

How does the Xtreme Save save energy?

Air conditioning manufacturers explain that the device has a technology they call Inverter Quattro. This characteristic allows to supply an adequate cooling capacity, with much less energy consumed. In addition, it makes the equipment stable and maintains the same behavior during the day and night.

Inverter Quattro also regulates the operation of the compressor without the equipment turning off at any time. What it does is that it works less frequently, but still sends the climate control environment.

To the Inverter technology we must add that the Midea Carrier Xtreme Save comes with the SmartSave mode. This mode allows the user to manually activate the minimum consumption of the equipment by simply pressing a button.

The SmartSave feature is ideal to activate it at night, since the user is probably sleeping and does not exaggerate the cold, maintaining an ideal climate in the room, living room or the place where the equipment is destined.

Specifically, thanks to the fact that the air conditioning is located in category A of the energy classification, the user saves a total of 71% in their electricity consumption.

Cleaner air and handling outside the home

The Midea Xtreme Save comes with two built-in filters: one anti-allergy and one anti-odor. In addition, the system has a built-in Self-Cleaning function. In other words, the same device is in charge of cleaning the exchanger and expelling the bacteria with the condensation water.

“This equipment makes it possible to considerably reduce allergens, dust and bad odors. By buying an Xtreme Save you are guaranteeing that the air in your home will not only be at the ideal temperature, but will also be healthier ”, Dréano added.

Finally, because the most recent technology in Midea equipment comes with an application called MideaAIR, the air conditioning comes with the possibility that you can manipulate it from outside the home through the app.

Midea highlights in a statement that the device can already be found in the best retail stores at a reference price of CLP $ 399,990.

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