Midea robot vacuum cleaners have everything great, except the price thanks to this promotion [Sponso]

If you are looking to equip yourself with a robot vacuum cleaner, now is probably the right time. Why ? Well, simply because AliExpress offers you to discover Midea products with discounts exceeding 60%.

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Long confined to the rank of gadgets serving as mounts for internet cats, robot vacuum cleaners are now well established. It must be said that in recent years, things have changed a lot. More autonomous, smarter, loaded with cutting-edge technologies: vacuum cleaners have become real everyday companions, capable of truly relieving us of this chore that is cleaning (at least in part).

Unfortunately, these devices are still quite expensive, with prices easily exceeding 500 euros, or even 1,000 euros for the most advanced models, loaded with options. Midea has, however, decided to change things up a bit by offering significant offers, around 60% off, on a selection of robot vacuum cleaners from its catalog. And you just have to take a look at AliExpress to discover them.

Midea offers from AliExpress in a nutshell:

The Midea S8+ at 385.99 euros

A true flagship of Midea’s catalog, the S8+ is an extremely advanced robot vacuum cleaner packed with high-end features. Like many devices in its class, it can count on a state-of-the-art navigation system based on a high-precision LDS laser and 3D mapping of the places in which it operates. Able to choose the best trajectories for cleaning, it can also be controlled by voice or via the dedicated application to best meet your needs.

In order to clean your home as well as possible, this vacuum cleaner is able to suck up dust, but also to clean the floors thanks to its integrated mop. On the suction side, it is a V-shaped brush and two brushes which supplement a suction power of 4,000 Pa. On the cleaning side, the Midea S8+ has a mop vibrating 500 times per minute in order to unclog the most difficult dirt. more tenacious.

The S8 + is also a champion of autonomy. First of all, thanks to its 5200 mAh battery which allows it to clean for about 150 minutes without stopping. Then, thanks to its docking station which not only allows it to recharge, but also to empty its dust container in a few seconds. The station can thus accommodate up to 200 ml, which represents approximately 1 month of use of the S8+.

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Usually offered around 1000 euros, this robot vacuum cleaner and its docking station currently benefit from a very nice discount at AliExpress. The e-merchant offers you a reduction of 61% which makes you spend the Midea S8+ at 385.99 euros.

The Midea M7 Pro at 229.99 euros

The great strength of the Midea M7 Pro undoubtedly lies in its great versatility since it is able to adapt to the vast majority of surfaces to be cleaned and to tackle a wide variety of dirt. How ? Well simply because it embeds a complete sensor system allowing it to react and adapt in a jiffy.

Thanks to its laser laser sensor, it is able to precisely map your home to plan its routine with precision. Its other sensors allow it to recognize the types of floor on which it passes in order to adjust the suction (stronger on carpets for example), or the water flow of the mop (between tiles and parquet for example).

The mop on board the M7 Pro has a vibration function similar to that of the S8+ (500 actions per minute) as well as a large water tank to allow it to easily clean 150 to 220 m² depending on the washing mode chosen. , and the type of soil.

On the suction side, this vacuum cleaner can count on a Nidec BLDC motor developing a suction of 4000 Pa which is completed by a very complete brush system consisting of a roller and two side brushes. A triple filtering system (nylon, sponge and HEPA) guarantees air purification, which is always appreciated.


Right now, AliExpress invites you to save 61% off the price of Midea M7 Pro, which therefore falls to 229.99 euros.

The Midea M7 at 199.99 euros

As its name suggests, the Midea M7 is a “simpler” version of the M7 Pro that doesn’t have as many advanced features as its big brother. Does this mean that this M7 is less efficient? Absolutely not.

In terms of suction, we find almost the same equipment, namely a V-shaped brush capable of adjusting in height in order to exert adequate pressure on all types of floors and side brushes responsible for bringing dirt back to the latter. As for the suction, it is ensured by a motor developing 4,000 Pa. And if it also benefits from a mop, the Midea M7 does not, however, offer the vibrations of the M7 Pro.

Navigation is provided by numerous sensors (proximity, fall, etc.) and a LiDAR mapping system to precisely scan the surroundings to create a precise map of the areas to be cleaned. Its A53 chip then allows it to define the best path for optimized cleaning.

This vacuum cleaner also takes full advantage of its connected possibilities thanks to the dedicated Midea application which allows you to manage many parameters, between cleaning routine, zone exclusions or even deep cleaning mode. Like the S8+ and the M7 Pro, the Midea M7 is also compatible with the Google Assistant or Alexa, and will fit perfectly into your home automation installation.


The Midea M7 is currently on sale at AliExpress, and is available for 199.99 euroswhich represents a 62% saving compared to its initial price.

Who is Midea?

Founded in China in 1968, Midea is one of the leading manufacturers of devices for professionals and individuals. Established in more than 195 countries and with 150,000 employees, Midea offers many products ranging from professional air conditioners to vacuum cleaners and a wide range of small and large household appliances. Listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2013, it is also ranked among Forbe’s Global Fortune 500 companies.

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