Migration from Mexico seeks to speed up transfers to avoid a new caravan


Tapachula (Mexico), Nov 25 (EFE) .- Thousands of migrants stranded in the Mexican city of Tapachula, on the border with Guatemala, seek this Thursday to leave in a new caravan, while the National Migration Institute (INM) will move to part of them on buses to other states, to regularize their stay there.

The migrants have been sleeping for days in the vicinity of a stadium now converted into a care center, waiting for the INM to attend them and transfer them to a dozen states throughout the country to continue their procedures and obtain a visitor card there for reasons humanitarian.

But impatience has taken hold of many of them after days and even weeks of spending the night in precarious conditions.


The INM reported last Tuesday that members of a caravan that left Tapachula, Chiapas just last November 18, determined in the municipality of Mapstepec to suspend their march and surrender to the authorities.

But now, many of them seek to resume the road again from Tapachula, because they distrust the authorities.

Franki Mirabal, a Cuban migrant, assured Efe that some 3,000 people are going to leave and that they are already organized and coordinated.

“In the stadium the situation is precarious, there are children and women, and there is no shade or water to hydrate,” he stressed.

The migrants have improvised tents with sticks and blankets to cover themselves from the sun, since they have run out of money to pay the rent of a house.

Haitians occupy 70% of the procedures before the immigration authorities and, in protest, they have demonstrated on several occasions, further straining the situation.

Demi is one of the thousands of Haitians who have been in charge of organizing the migrants and explained that they are desperate to get out of Tapachula, which they consider a prison for them.


Héctor Martínez Castuera, general director of the Coordination of Representative Offices of the INM, said that since Wednesday night migrant families have begun to be transferred to 10 states of the country.

There will be 15 trucks that will have to leave every day with migrants from Haiti, Central America and other countries to face the migratory crisis that has existed in Tapachula for months.

In turn, the migrants asked the senior INM official to send the National Guard to help organize these transfers by nationality, and thus avoid creating chaos.


Meanwhile, the migrant caravan made up of several hundred people advanced this Thursday through the eastern state of Veracruz but fatigue caused that, as has happened in recent days, several dozen people surrendered to the immigration authorities.

In this way, it is estimated that now this contingent, which has advanced more than 600 kilometers and has been en route for more than a month, is made up of some 300 or 400 people.

The migrants left the municipality of Juan Rodríguez Clara on Thursday for the town of Isla, some 25 kilometers later.

While on the way a bus was filled with 40 migrants who surrendered to the INM support group, under the promise of being regularized in different states of the country.


The region is experiencing a record migratory flow to the United States, whose Customs and Border Protection (CBP) “found” more than 1.7 million illegal immigrants on the border with Mexico in fiscal year 2021, which ended on September 30.

The migrants have set out after the Mexican authorities thwarted the advance of four caravans that left precisely from Tapachula in the first days of September.

Mexico has detected more than 190,000 undocumented immigrants from January to September, about triple the number in 2020, in addition to having deported almost 74,300, according to the Migration Policy Unit of the country’s Interior Ministry.


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