Miguel Ángel Borja enrolls with a double for Colombia

A terrible game began to have Chile in the first minutes of the game, where the Colombian team began to make a difference in this commitment and show their power on the field.

In a few minutes a momentary victory was achieved for the locals who, through Miguel Ángel Borja, led the coffee growers to lead this match on the scoreboard with a double that had a difference of one minute between the two conquests.

The first of the attacker’s conquest came through a penalty kick, which was soon to be realized with the save by Claudio Bravo who ended up guessing where the striker kicked.

The second target of this commitment came through a lethal counterattack in this match, where the national defense caught a bad stop and went hand in hand with the Chilean goalkeeper who had little and nothing to do to avoid Colombia’s two to zero.



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