Miguel Bosé is still in contact with his ex for his children

Mexico City.- After ending their relationship of more than 20 years, Miguel Bosé and his former partner Nacho Palau still maintain contact.

At least that’s how Nacho Palau made it known, who revealed that he had had a conversation with the interpreter of “Amante Bandido”, after his participation in the reality show Survivors.

He stressed that the singer congratulated him on his participation in the contest and allowed him to see his children, who were at his house in Somosaguas.

“Miguel Bosé has congratulated me on my contest,” Palau told Diez Minutos.

This Thursday, Miguel Bosé was seen in Madrid dressed in a white shirt and accompanied by one of the minors.

According to Europa Press, Miguel Bosé is expected to return to his home in Mexico with his two biological children, while the other two will continue to live in Valencia with his former partner.

Bosé had a 26-year relationship with the sculptor Nacho Palau; They have four children who were born through surrogacy: Diego and Tadeo are Bosé’s biological children, while Ivo and Telmo are from Palau.

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