Miguel Rodríguez Mackay, former Foreign Minister of Peru: “It was a decision of Pedro Castillo” to withdraw recognition of the Saharawi Arab Republic

Rodríguez Mackay emphasized that President Pedro Castillo is the one who directs foreign policy. Video: Carlo Fernandez.

On September 9, the former foreign minister Miguel Angel Rodriguez Mackay submitted his resignation to the Government of peter castle. Differences in matters of foreign policy with the President of the Republic ended up removing him from the position in which he had been 35 days in replacement of the former president of the Constitutional Court, Cesar Landawho returned this week to Torre Tagle.

After a pause, the internationalist breaks his silence and answers exclusively with Infobae to all the questions that there were about his management. Since the decision to withdraw recognition of the Saharawi Arab Republic until the controversy over the resignations of Harold Forsyth Y Manuel Rodriguez Pictures as representatives of Peru before the Organization of American States (OAS) and the United Nations Organization (UN)respectively.

On August 18, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs published a statement stating that Peru announced its decision to break off diplomatic relations and recognition of the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic. On this point, Rodriguez Mackay was harshly questioned. However, he clarified the context in which this episode occurred.

Peruvian President Pedro Castillo ordered the withdrawal of recognition of the Saharawi Arab Republic, according to former Foreign Minister Rodríguez Mackay.  (Andean)
Peruvian President Pedro Castillo ordered the withdrawal of recognition of the Saharawi Arab Republic, according to former Foreign Minister Rodríguez Mackay. (Andean)

“It was a decision of peter castle. Foreign policy is directed by the president. The chancellor exposes the mistakes that have been made. the self-proclaimed Saharawi Arab Republic it is not a State, there is no recognition of it in international law […] I explained to the president and his team, that he is in government palacethan the self-proclaimed Saharawi Arab Republicin reality, it is the consequence of a process prepared by the Polisario, with the support of Algeria, and that the Saharawi people are about 400 thousand people, of which 360 thousand are in the Sahara of Morocco and the 40 thousand are in Tindoufterritory of Algeria. So where is the Saharawi state? A fundamental element for a State to be constituted is that it must have a nation and territory”, he mentioned.

On the other hand, Rodriguez Mackay said that he gave this explanation to the head of state, who understood and told him verbatim “Let’s go forward” to activate the process of withdrawing recognition from the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic. Along these lines, he denied that there had been any conflict of interest due to some presentations he made in Morocco and the columns published in the newspaper Mail.

“There are no conflicts. I am an academic and researcher. As an expert in international right, reached conclusions, which I let the president know. If he agrees, he goes ahead. The inconsistency would be that I, having a clear vision from international law about what the Moroccan Sahara, say a contrary position. There I would understand a criticism. There can be no conflict and I emphasize that there was, rather, a consequence and coherence of my positions”, he noted.

Despite having been one of those who questioned the electoral victory of Pedro Castillo and foreign policy in the first months, Rodríguez Mackay revealed that he does not regret having belonged to the Executive.

“I have always had a position, in truth, critical, but constructive with the various governments that have existed in Peru. Nothing else in the specific case that you ask me about the president’s government, during the entire stage, including the election process, I was also. When he was elected and the National Elections Jury gave him the credentials as such, we said publicly and they are in my columns in the newspaper Correo that, from now on, there is a new national process”, he noted.

Rodríguez Mackay recalled how the process to join the government was and how difficult it was to accept the Foreign Ministry.

Miguel Rodríguez Mackay assured Infobae that his vocation is to have served the country. Video: Carlo Fernandez.

“I had several meetings with the president where I told him my clear vision of foreign policy. Pedro Castillo has always known my thinking, my columns and my chair. So when I made the decision, it wasn’t easy for me. Because, obviously, one has a state position that is sometimes not understood. So, of course, if one hears that the head of state says: ‘we are going to expand the cabinets’. I understand that the enlargement is not only from the left, but also from the center or from the right. I am from the center and then, of course, when I am summoned I assume that reading, ”he mentioned.

The former foreign minister assured that, in the month and a half of management, he dedicated himself to revitalizing foreign policy. “I cannot regret anything because my vocation has been to serve the country. My vocation is a State vocation and I have retired in the same tone. So I go back to the academy and my professorships, where I always am”, he emphasized.

In the early days of Rodriguez Mackay in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs it was known that Harold Forsyth Y Manuel Rodriguez Pictures they resigned from their positions. In this regard, some versions maintain that they left due to discrepancies with the new foreign minister.

However, the internationalist ruled out any disagreement with the diplomats and, moreover, said that he knows them very well. “Above all, to Rodriguez Pictures, and a lot. We have even had the same academic project at the Technological University of Peru (UTP), where we founded the International Relations degree. Then, we have been closely linked to the issue of the legal dispute over maritime delimitation with Chile. In the case of Harold Forsythmy connection starts when I was summoned by the former chancellor Luis Marchan to be a member of the Ad Hoc Commission for the specific topic of the process of Hague”, he recalled.

For this reason, the also lawyer maintained that he was surprised by the departure of the two representatives of the Peru abroad. “I was very surprised the way they did it [sus renuncias]. I am the Chancellor of the Republic and we must inform the Minister of External relationships. They didn’t. Obviously, in my opinion, that meant, let’s say, an act that, at a time when the president was with an extraordinarily polarized internal front, was a low blow to the process of the government of peter castle because the state issue was not being looked at, ”he mentioned.

Former Foreign Minister Rodríguez Cuadros said he felt annoyed by both resignations. Video: Carlo Fernandez.

Rodriguez Mackay He said he respected the resignations of Forsyth Y Rodriguez Pictures because it allowed him to start the generational change in Tagle Tower.

“The weather is good, there are people who are anchored and must now make way for the new generations. They already gave the Peruhave already completed their processes and should have given space to others in the Foreign Ministry when I appointed, with the presence of peter castlea Fought Chávez Basagoitia and Manuel Talavera to the United Nations and the OASrespectively, the only thing I heard in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was applause and they said that the time had come for the young ambassadors”, he emphasized.

The internationalist added that his quick reaction to replace Forsyth Y Rodriguez Pictures in United Nations and the OAS, perhaps, was not expected by both characters. “Obviously, the change and the resignation in less than 24 hours, they did not expect that level of reaction. We have to be clear. So, seeing themselves without a floor or weight, already being outside, you will imagine that they could have been creating and weaving, ”he limited. For Rodriguez Mackayboth were not loyal to peter castle and ruled out that this disagreement is due to his critical position with the government.

“With them, we have been on the same shore. It couldn’t be that way,” she replied. In addition, he slipped that the ambassadors would have wanted to hold on to their positions to block the new generations in Tagle Tower and not lose the bonanzas of being abroad.


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