Miiko agrees to change a possible Copa Chile final

Miiko Albornoz returned to the starting position after Gabriel Suazo’s injury and his performance has been good, so Gustavo Quinteros adds a new alternative and a new pressure for the captain colocolino.

The Chilean Swede faced the media in a press conference and talked about everything. One of the issues for which he was consulted is related to the final of the Copa Chile 2021.

“First we have to try to win against Unión Española, there are ninety minutes to go, but if we reach the final we need all the players, if they can change it would be very good”, he detailed.

He further added that, “We want to win every game and we are very focused on doing our best against Cobresal. We are going to find a team that is playing well, we are going to have to be focused from the first minute and we hope to win the game”.

Miiko Bathrobe in Colo Colo

Finally he spoke of a possible nomination to the Red. “At the moment I am focused on doing my best for Colo Colo, improving my game, working for my team and afterwards it is always an honor to play for Chile and it is a goal that I have, to play for the national team again.”, he sentenced.

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