Miiko Albornoz hallucinates with the support and songs of the Colo Colo fans

Miiko Albornoz arrived in Chile this year after training in football in Europe and developing her career in Sweden and Germany. Although he had had contact with the Chilean fans in their nominations for the Chilean team, the experience he lives in Colo Colo is unique and he enjoys it every day.

“It is a very beautiful thing. Here they always support their teams and the national team. What I have experienced has been very nice. I have seen how they support us, in the hotel, in training. Now the public in the stadium sings the ninety minutes, until the end and it is very nice to see ”, He confessed at a press conference.

But not only the differences in the stands have attracted attention in the Chilean-Swede. “When I arrived in Chile, unfortunately I was injured in the preseason, but I was able to work very well. I find that the jobs here are very similar to Germany, the difference is that here there is more touch of the ball, there they try to arrive with fewer passes to the goalThat is the little difference between Colo Colo and the game in Germany ”, he assured.

Regarding his two consecutive games as a starter, he stated that “I didn’t play for a while, but now I feel good. I am prepared, we have worked a lot with my physique, we have played two games and I feel very good now. I will try to continue like this and improve my game, I am happy to be in Chile and play for Colo Colo, after this season we will see my future “.

Finally referring to the performance of the squad this season. “I see the team very well. We are very united, we are on the right track, we know that there are many games in a short time, we are all prepared, we have a wonderful squad, everyone is ready to play and those who are outside support the 11 who are playing. We are taking advantage of where we are now and we are going to focus on the next game against Cobresal to win that game “, he closed.

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