Miiko Albornoz: "We try to play hard like in Germany"

There was expectation for the return to ownership of Miiko Albornoz against Deportes Antofagasta, as he returned to play an official match for Colo Colo after a couple of months in which he dealt with physical problems and did it in a great way.

The full-back made his balance on his performance and in conversation with Radio ADN advised that he is available to play in any profile. “We played a good game. I have always played as a left back, at Malmo I did it on the right side, but I prefer the left. I told the teacher that I am always available if he needs me in another position, but he knows that I prefer to go there, I feel more comfortable “he commented.

He arrived as one of the chief reinforcements of the Cacique, but unfortunately in his first months he paid dearly for his inactivity and it was difficult for him to get physically in tune. After intense work, the Chilean-Swedish player warned that he is already in good condition.

“In general I have been very lucky with injuries, they are few in my career, but I was without football in a long time. In Colo Colo I had consecutive injuries and had no continuity to train or play games. We have worked hard to feel good and get well when I play, I wanted to be 100% (…) I felt good, I have prepared myself to be ready when it is my turn to play. I am well physically and with the group, they have helped me a lot “, he detailed.

Miiko Albornoz had a good performance against Antofagasta. / PHOTO: Agencia Uno

In that sense, he appreciated the help that the campus has given him, who have also supported him to overcome difficult barriers such as language. In addition, he highlighted the good atmosphere among his teammates.

“Spanish has improved a lot. My colleagues have helped me a lot, it is a bit difficult for me to speak, but I am understood. From the first day you could tell that it is a very good and united group, we are almost all friends, good companions. We are happy for whoever has to play. The important thing is that the team wins, we work together and we all talk to everyone. We are taking advantage of the moment that we live ”, he deepened.

Finally, he explained the differences between German and Chilean soccer: “I haven’t played that much in Chile yet, but I think it’s a bit more technical and with more skilled players. In Germany they try to reach the goal with a maximum of three or four passes to finish the plays. There is more football here, in our team we try to play almost similar to Germany, intense, with a touch of the ball. I like it”, he concluded.

Miiko Albornoz continues to work to earn her space in los albos and appears as a starter in the vital match against Unión La Calera.

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