Mikael Sandström’s decision in the relationship with Lotta Engberg – after two years together

Mikael Sandström has made a new unexpected decision.

After the commercial: This is how Lotta Engberg & Mikael “Soldoktorn” Sandström met – reveals everything!


Before the love began to sprout between Lotta Engberg and Mikael Sandström, Lotta had lived alone for six years, and Mikael for many more.

Then Lotta revealed in an interview that she “would not say no to a date” with Doctor Mikael.

After many ifs and buts, Lotta’s dream came true – she offered a barbecue at home, and the rest is history.

Now they have been a couple for almost two years, and have been living together since last year. They live in a villa just outside Gothenburg, have got a dog together and also commented on a possible wedding.

– When we went on a golf trip, we decided that “if we hit hole in one, we will get married”. But it will never happen, Lotta jokingly said in Nyhetsmorgon.

Yes, they are one of celebrity Sweden’s hottest couples and have basically been inseparable since they found each other. But soon that will change.

Lotta and Mikael outside the villa in Mölnlycke.


Mikael Sandström’s new career choice

For 35 years, Mikael worked as a chief physician in intensive care, but a couple of years ago he chose to resign. However, he has continued to contribute his knowledge to TV4, where he has been the channel’s family doctor for ten years.

But he also has other plans underway. Among other things, a stand-up show where the idea is to talk about things he has been through in his profession. Unfortunately, the performance plans had to be put on hold as a result of the pandemic.

– I would think that it will be a stand-up story next year instead, but it remains to be seen, Mikael tells Happened.

The show had to take a new form instead – and stand up became a book!

– It is about medical special cases. Some fun, some exciting, some sad, donations and lives that I regret that I saved. You can actually do that, he says.

The Sun Doctor’s plans – without Lotta Engberg

But it is not yet finished.

– It is roughly written. Now it should be edited with chapters and order and so on. I guess it will be ready in March next year or so.

Mikael will work on the book this summer, and he has decided to do it on the farm. This means that he and Lotta will spend a lot of time apart, as Lotta will be busy with Lotta at Liseberg which lasts for ten weeks.

Hopefully they will be seen from time to time anyway!

Photo: TT

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