Mikael Wiehe takes a sentimental farewell – the audience gets a sudden jolt

Mikael Wiehe's sentimental goodbye - the audience's strong reactions in tonight's Allsång på skansen

A popular artist is leaving the stage for good…

After the commercial: Sanna Nielsen on the big change in “Allsång på Skansen”


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Always tough with goodbyes!

Mikael Wiehe has played for Sweden for several decades and during Tuesday’s fast-paced “Allsång på skansen” it all came to an end. The iconic artist was thanked.

Even though Mikael Wiehe is out on a farewell tour and thus marks the end of his touring life, he is not completely unafraid of the life that follows the stage years:

– As long as I get to stand on stage and play, it’s no problem – but the idea of ​​not doing it is damn traumatic, says the 76-year-old about putting his career on the shelf, he says to Swedish daily newspaper.

The all-singing thanked the artist – the whole thing was magnificent

The singer was more than happy to perform the popular “Girl and Crow” for a crowd-filled Skansen on Tuesday evening, before thanking the Allsången one last time…

The audience gets a jolt: the SVT profile is affected by dance

There was incredible energy during Lili & Susi’s performance and SVT reporter Dusan Umicevic could be seen dancing to full mugs to the duo’s fast-paced smash hit from the past.

He certainly wasn’t alone – the whole audience danced along to an easy-to-learn choreography together.

SVT reporter Dusan Umicevic dances to the duo’s hit. Photo: Screenshot, SVT

Karl Fredrik offered beautiful singing with Alba August and Sanna Nielsen and seemed to be super happy to be there for the incredible summer evening.

Karl Fredrik takes the lead. Photo: Screenshot, SVT

Photo: Screenshot “Allsång på skansen”, SVT

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