Mike Cees goes crazy in the stars’ summer house: RTL intervenes

Mike Cees-Monballijn (33) terrorizes his wife Michelle (42) in the stars’ summer house and also scares the roommates with his psychological nature. Now RTL is reacting and drawing conclusions.

Bocholt – The sixth season of the “Summer house of the stars ”(all candidates) shows that RTL has learned nothing from the bullying scandal surrounding Andrej Mangold last year extratipp.com from IPPEN.MEDIA reports. More or less well-known celebrities are fighting for the prize money of 50,000 euros in Bocholt, but the public show fight will also move into the background at the summer house of the stars in 2021.

Summer house of the stars: RTL viewers are afraid Mike could run amok

Mike and Michelle had to go after the Summer home of the stars undergoing psychiatric treatment. Several celebrities, including “Goodbye Germany” emigrant Danni Büchner, were horrified by RTL’s decision to let Mike be part of the show (here all broadcast times on RTL and TVNOW).

RTL is under fire: Many viewers find it irresponsible to have brought Mike Cees-Monballijn to the stars’ summer house.


RTL is now reacting far too late to the allegations of having acted irresponsibly. On Twitter, the station has now obtained a picture of the audience’s mood in order to better assess the delicate situation around the permanently aggressive Mike. This is how the RTL executives at least explained it to t-online (Mike Cees-Monballijn admits in an exclusive interview that he is otherwise “rather verbally aggressive”)

Summer house of the stars: Mike Cees threatens to freak out – RTL draws conclusions

In plain language: RTL wanted to know from viewers on Twitter: “Everyone is talking about Mike, but let’s talk about Michelle. What do you think: What role does she have in the relationship? “(“Stupid idea“: Summer house viewers angry about the exit challenge)

Many users in the social media are angry that RTL is offering Mike Cees-Monballijn a stage.

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To what extent this question should help to protect the roommates from Mike Cees-Monballijn, many viewers do not understand. A number of users were annoyed and found the question inappropriate, as they clearly identified Michelle as a victim in this relationship.

Summer house of the stars: RTL discusses Mike Cees-Monballijn in a live talk

In a live talk with Frauke Ludowig, among other things, “Mike and Michelle’s relationship pattern should also be discussed with a psychologist,” RTL added. This time one wants to discuss and classify the events in the summer house of the stars outside.

It remains to be seen whether this is the right consequence due to the conspicuous behavior of Mike Cees-Monballijn. Many RTL viewers would have liked more responsibility from the Cologne private broadcaster.

“Would RTL continue to let someone in the program or broadcast someone if they physically abuse their partner in a similar / comparable way as Mike Cees does with Michelle Monballijn in a psychological way? Serious question, RTL “, comments a user on Twitter and speaks to many fans from the heart. Would you like to join the discussion? A hot discussion has broken out on Facebook: you can comment on your opinion here.

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