Miki González announced the reissue of her album “Nunca les creí” in vinyl version

After the success that Miki Gonzalez With his first two albums “Puede ser tú” (1986) and “Tantas veces” (1987), the economic crisis in Peru delayed the release of “Nunca les creí”, an album that ended up coming out in 1989, but only on cassette. Now, this production will return to the market on vinyl.

This album has a special meaning for the artist, since the title signifies the bridge between the rock phase of Miki González and his stage of the 90s marked by Afro-Peruvian rhythms. “Nunca les creí” contains songs like “Un poquito de cariño”, “El lado de la carne”, “A la Molina” etc.

I think the sound of this record was ahead of what was coming after: there are no synthesizers, it’s all acoustic and electric guitars; and Hammond organ or piano… This album also has a strong influence of timbales and salsa. The sound of this record holds up very well throughout the songs, I think they are songs that don’t have time. The main influences on ‘Nunca les creí’ were The Smiths and El Último de la Fila. It was what I listened to all the time.” Miki González said.

“I made the music. ‘It’s for you’ is my favorite song, I always thought it was going to be a hit on the radio. It looks like Tom Waits. On the album cover I appear personifying the character of this song, with a grown beard, careless. ‘A La Molina’, which I’ve been playing since ’83, is a favorite with people at concerts. ‘Take the cat’ is a song that experiments with the celebration”, added.

The album was recorded at the Amigos studio (Lima) by Saúl Cornejo and mixed at the Panda studio (Buenos Aires) by Roberto Fernández. “I never believed them” was produced by Miki González, with the assistance of Wicho García.

The original cover photo is by Juan Carlos Chávez. The vinyl packaging respects as far as possible the art of the cassette, made in 1989 by Elena Gonzáles. The vinyl packaging was designed by Pablo Goto and comes with an insert containing the lyrics of the songs and a tribute to the original cassette.

This vinyl edition is published by A Tutiplén Records, a record label that has in its catalog records by Francois Peglau, Los Protones, Moldes, Grita Lobos, La Zorra Zapata, Pipe Villarán, El Hombre Misterioso, Gomas, MASACRE, Laguna Pai, El Ghetto, Surco Viejo, Ati Lane, Indigo, El Aire etc.

“Nunca les creí” on vinyl has been available since November 21 in the main record stores in Lima and in the label’s virtual store on Instagram.


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