Milena remembers Edwin’s infidelity with her sister: “It destroyed my soul, that pain will last forever”

In 2014, the controversial case of infidelity starring Greyssi Ortega Y edwin sierra, which was the front page of the main newspapers. Now that Milena Zárate forgave her sister, she spoke about it again.

This happened during the “Let’s talk about beauty” program, in which the Colombian was invited and took the opportunity to confess that it was not easy to accept that her sister betrayed her: “Do you think that I raised a person from the age of three, that I gave her food, that I gave her a home, that I gave her work, that I gave her love, that I gave her study, that I treated her like my own daughter, that I loved and that he adored; and that she gave her life for that person. And that she paid me in the worst way, she destroyed my soul, she hurt me in such a way, that I have no explanation for that ”.

Despite the fact that he forgave her months ago and that they share moments together, Zárate indicated that being with his sister was not the same again, since the trust he had in her was once lost: “Do you think I would put my hands on fire for someone . I already forgave her and I think that pain will last a lifetime,” said the businesswoman.

Milena Zárate: “Dalia Durán is emotionally dependent on John Kelvin”

The singer Milena Zárate affirmed that the Cuban Dalia Durán suffers from emotional dependence and that is why she agreed to go to dinner with John Kelvin, as has been seen in the last few hours. In addition, she hopes that she can continue with her psychological treatment so that she recovers and does not have a relationship with the cumbiambero again.

“She is a very hard-working girl and a fighting mother, but she is emotionally dependent on John Kelvin. Otherwise she doesn’t understand why she went to dinner with him, hopefully she will continue with her psychological therapies because it will be the only way to get over it. Everything indicates that they could resume their relationship, but that would only hurt everyone in their family, them, their children.”she indicated confused Milena Zarate.


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