Milene Vásquez: I have a lot of fun with ‘Fernanda’ in ‘Maricucha 2′

The actress Milene Vásquez, who plays ‘Fernanda Corbacho’ in the telenovela ‘Maricucha 2′He said that he has a lot of fun with his character and explained that in this second season many secrets from his past will come to light.

“I am happy to return with ‘Fernanda’, she is a character who has a double life but I enjoy it a lot, it is the fun part of the role. In the first season even of “Gatubela” I dressed up and had another life at night… now her family is misia and they must save the economy anyway, and that’s where “said the actress.

On the other hand, he commented that next year the film “Single, married, widow and divorced” in which he stars alongside Gianella Neyra, Katia Condos and Patricia Portocarrero will be released.

“A nice movie is coming that we recorded this year in Pacasmayo, with many more crazy things. I hope it will be released between April and May of next year,” he added. Milene Vasquez.

A few days ago, the reunion with the actor Gerardo Zamora was shown on television, with whom he starred in the beloved 2002 soap opera, “What a fine breed!”came to TV and swept in popularity, this due to the strong story that exploited the difference between social classes.

The leading roles fell to the actors Milene Vásquez and Gerardo Zamora, who played Fiorella Prado and Valentín Condori.

After 20 years, the actors met again and shared their feelings about the well-remembered production by Michel Gómez for Frecuencia Latina.

“The team was fantastic, we were many actors, all of them first class, the story is beautiful (…) Many of the things that were touched on in the novel continue to happen today.oy. Discrimination, corruption and more. 20 years have passed and we are still living them“, said Milene Vasquez.

For his part, Gerardo Zamora fondly remembered his recordings in Cajamarca and revealed that it was the first time he knew that land, where his grandfather was born. “I connected and felt at home”he added.

“I always said that this story was going to work with me or without me. I have never seen a first chapter so well done, the one recorded in Cajamarca. Handsome. People saw the trailer and were just waiting to see the premiere.”shared Gerardo Zamora.

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