Miley Cyrus closes the Crown Capital 2022

Mauricio Angel/Reform Agency

Monday, November 21, 2022 | 06:15

Mexico City.- This week Miley Cyrus turns 30, which has made her question whether she is happy with what she does, even when she is on stage, as she shared at the Corona Capital, where she was the star act after eight years without visiting Mexico.

The answer, she said, is yes, and to keep it that way, she chose to treat herself to a show designed especially for her, saying that she cared a lot about people having a good time, but her goal was to be happier than ever.

“I want to be with you, I want this to be the most connected show, where we genuinely are. I want this to be special, not just for you, I want it to be special and fun for me. This is for me. Don’t fuck with my freedom.” , he expressed at the start of the presentation.

Their act was so packed that it seemed to pack most of the 85,000 attendees, according to organizers, who have come to enjoy themselves since being blown away by hits like “Wrecking Ball,” which opened, and “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart.” .

For his return to the country, he offered one of his most personal shows, where he gave himself permission to show himself vulnerable and even talk to people about feelings, asking them if they have felt anxious or sad, because he hoped that his music would accompany them in those moments. .

“The only person who is in my way is me, no one can control your freedom, express what you are and believe in your philosophy, your attitude, we all decide how we get up in the morning,” he said, since his intention was to empower the attendees.

As she sang, her mother even joined her on stage and hugged her, while the crowd went so crazy that one fan even wrote the name of her favorite song, “Adore You,” on her bare bottom.

Fans also wore t-shirts with photos of the blonde at different stages of her life, from her childhood to her current look.

In his show he gave away renditions of “Party in the USA” and “We Can’t Stop”, which went crazy despite the fact that the show lasted 10 minutes less than expected.

In the end, he took off the dark glasses that he used throughout the presentation, smiled at the people and beat his chest as a sign that he will carry Mexico in his heart and also physically, as he picked up lots of Dr. Simi stuffed animals that were thrown at him .

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