Milinkovic-Savic, Linetty and Seck: the Juric cure makes (re) find the national team

Milinkovic-Savic, Seck and Linetty if they are in the national team must surely thank Toro and in particular Juric

The Serie A championship is stopped to leave room, for the first time in the new season, for the commitments of the national teams. Among the clubs of the major Italian league, Toro is among the teams with the highest number of players in the national team. On the one hand a reason for pride, but on the other for Ivan Juric it is a problem because the Croatian coach has to start preparing an important and delicate match like the one against Napoli without various elements and with the hope that they will return to Turin without physical problems. Among the various grenade players in the national team there are mainly three who, if they have been called up by their coaches, have to thank Toro but above all Juric. It is thanks to him that they have improved and found space in the grenade. These three players are Vanya Milinkovic-SavicDemba Seck and Karol Linetty, with the Polish midfielder who was already in the national team, then he had lost him for a period and now, also thanks to excellent performances in the grenade, he has found him again. The three grenades will not be able to waste the opportunity to be in the national team and must always be grateful to Juric.

The next commitments in the national team of Seck, Milinkovic-Savic and Linetty

The Serbia of Milinkovic-Savic and also of two other grenades, namely Sasa Lukic and Nemanja Radonjic, will be busy on Saturday night when they face Sweden and on the 27th when they will face Novergia. Linetty’s Poland, on the other hand, will play tomorrow, 22 September, against the Netherlands and on Sunday 25 they will face Wales. Finally Seck with his Senegal on Saturday 24th will face Bolivia and on Tuesday 27th he will find himself against Iran. Juric will keep an eye on them since they are three elements that he considers very important for Taurus, especially this season where the grenades will try in every way to raise the bar of the objectives.

Demba Seck

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