Milka dares to relaunch after 25 years – new recipe and design cause discussions

Milka dares to take a big leap – after 25 years, the chocolate giant is changing recipe and the design his popular panels. From August, the “new Milka” will gradually come onto the market. Chocolate fans are divided, as noted by the online portal Watson, among others. But how does it taste? new Milka and what’s wrong with that?

First try, then comment! Milka announces one of the biggest changes in social media in 25 years. Because one thing is clear to the Swiss chocolate manufacturer: With a relaunch as big as this one, you are treading on thin ice with your loyal fan community. still more chocolaty should be the new Milka – this is ensured by an increased cocoa content – and also less cute with one lower sugar content. The manufacturer claims that more than 30 chocolate experts were involved in the changes.

But what immediately catches the eye: the new Milka also looks completely different. One laughs from the packaging newly designed cow and after unpacking you will find chocolate chips with rounded corners. With the new shape, the chocolate should be more appealing to the touch and in the mouth melt even better.

Milka with a new recipe – fan community divided

But how does the new chocolate go down with those with a sweet tooth? If you look at the comments for example Instagram looks at, then you get a pretty mixed picture. Most have the new edition of the chocolate classic Haven’t tried it yet and want to be surprised. After all, the redesigned bars with the changed recipe have not been on the market for long.

Opinions are divided among those who have already had the pleasure of the new Milka edition. A user writes on Instagram: “I’ve loved Alpine milk for ages, but I absolutely don’t like the new one anymore – too bitter and an unusual aftertaste.” Other users agree with him and even want to change their brand of chocolate. But there are also supporters of the relaunch. “The new Milka is so delicious, I’m thrilled“, writes a user on Instagram.

Speculations about reasons – marketing gimmick or need to save money?

But why does Milka dare to take such a daring step? One can only speculate about that. One reason could be the general need to save – after all, everything is getting more expensive raw materials to energy. The online food tester FoodLoaf, quoted by Watson, also suspects this. Perhaps the new recipe should discount in production be concealed, according to the YouTuber. Perhaps Milka just wanted to bring a breath of fresh air into the market. There’s really only one thing left for us: try it and see for yourself!

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